We at National Delivery Systems understand the unique security risks that are associated with the Pool Distribution business.   We take loss prevention very seriously and handle each and every package with the same care and concern our customers do when tendering their products to us.   Our goals are to provide a seamless delivery to the retail store free of damage and delay.

Terminal Security

Each National Delivery Systems Pool Terminal has been designed to provide the best in Loss Prevention for our customers.  Each facility is fully fenced, gated and monitored 24 hours a day with high-resolution digital video surveillance systems.  Maryland Loss Prevention

  • Video recording 24 hours a day with all footage saved for a minimum of 30 days.

  • Secure remote web access is available to your LP department.

  • Controlled access to each facility

  • Segregated parking areas for all staff and drivers

  • Security signage posted throughout.

Driver and Route Security

Loss prevention doesn’t end with successful movement of your product through our warehouse.   Until the final scan or POD is received at the store our responsibility is maintained.

  • Thorough background research of all drivers and staff.

  • Internal audits of all terminal processes and route drivers are performed on a random basis.

  • Slam Locks are available on delivery trucks.

  • Delivery scans performed in all service areas.

For more information on our Loss Prevention processes, please contact a sales associate.

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